Agoria Returns with A Percussive EP on Sapiens

Parisian boss man Agoria started Sapiens to highlight the alternative, unexpected, and innovative side of electronic production. Steering the ship away from the dance floor, the label has already filled a full crate of solid groove adhering to no genre restriction. Agoria’s return to the label marks their 7th release, just of their recent milestone compilation. Adding to a growing roster of young bucks and global stars, Sapiens diverse catalog is a journey in itself. On the rise in a big way, this Parisian has already made an impact just a year after the debut.

The title track on ‘Boomerang’ is led by an acid transmission overwhelming the percussion in a massive cosmic build and break. This alternative to drum-based tension offers a refreshing change in a record that works well on the dance floor. It’s clear that Agoria isn’t afraid of pushing the boundaries in an analog-centric studio setup. Simple yet emotional, the wave-driven minimalist record is one that can’t be overlooked.

Rounding off the year a solid influencer as the next wave of electronica, Sapien’s sound skirts house and techno with a unique flair. Starting and finishing 2017, Agoria leads his crew of producers ready to be heard. We’re excited to see what is to come as this stellar dance label moves into year 2.