Label Love: Cin Cin

It’s been just over a year since British producer Fort Romeau launched Cin Cin and the low-key label is still a hidden gem in forward-thinking house music. Part of the crew that reinventing house by weaving classic Chicago vibes with a self-proclaimed style of ‘Discotheque music’. As the label approaches its sixth release Cin Cin’s split EP format is a favorite find in select shops across the globe.

Without a defined format or sound, the release hand picked by Fort Romeau and London industry head Ali Tillett come from the full spectrum of unique artists. The boss himself has led the catalog with two of the EPs under his own project. Each of the twenty records released to date boasts a powerful low end punch giving the catalogue a firm spot on the dance floor.

Admitting to no particular path, Cin Cin’s records embody a particularly futuristic take of analog style. A great example of the contradiction is Ripperton’s elegantly simple single ‘Michelada’ carries a classic house meter yet a freshly cut voice. As evident across the five label releases, the split EP format teams emerging names with circuit vets for an attractive sleeve in any crate (in Ripperton’s case the mysterious synths of V).

The winning formula for success isn’t a complex recipe. Proven to be innovative by paving their own path, the growing crew that is Cin Cin offer a refreshing alternative to constricted sound of today’s branded label. As 2017 unveils uncharted territory for tastemaker electronica, those who live outside the boundaries promise to lead the future. As techno culture teeters toward couture, the familiar tones laced throughout Fort Romeau’s  intricate take on house fit right in.