Denis Horvat Keeps a Blend of Synth-Driven Techno and Pop in Rotation

Danish producer Denis Horvat continues to emerge as a contributing member of Berlin’s inner circle. His early tunes on Alex Niggemann’s Aeon led to a steady stream of big records on Exit Strategy, Innervisions, and forthcoming on Afterlife. A look into Denis’ crate showcases the harmony of underground culture mashing with the pop sound. This reflection of the Berlin crew is a guess at what the future of dance music will look like. Setting trends of studio quality realized through analog machine, artists like Horvat are driving global tastes in a direction core dance fans can dig. Denis isn’t afraid to stray from the confines of socially-accepted techno to craft mixes that turn commercial dance fans to the dark side of underground sound.

My own word for my music is “synth-techno” or “synthesizer-techno”. I would describe it as dark and punchy, melodic techno, with a balearic touch. I grew up in the 80’s, where synthesizers dominated everything, and even though I played drums in a rock band, I always had something for electronic music. I’m really inspired by the 80’s synth pop music. – Interview with the Idleman

A Recent resurgence of 80s and 90s dance music makes this prime time for Denis’ sound to thrive. Somewhere in between analog shrill and tech-heavy techno, his crate diversity fills in any gaps left by his original sound. By accepting the vibes that make masses dance, Denis Horvat proves to be a DJ of the future. Take notes on what records he has on repeat and add a heater or two to your own stash.

Fet et Moi – Paris is for lovers

This self-released deep one comes in as an instant classic cover-esque tune from Fetisch and &Me. Cutting vocals from Justin Timberlake’s ‘My Love’, fellow German Tomas-Høffding breathes new life into the vocal A-side.

Royksopp – What Else is There (Trentemøller Remix)

Another familiar verse found in the form of Trentemøller’s pulsing mix of the iconic Royksopp tune. Two iconic European artists meet in the middle on this catchy take of synth-driven dance.

Def Jaguar & Flip – This Sound

Lars Bjarno, Mikkas Skuldstad, and Christopher Egeberg teamed up for the third release on UK-based Brut! Records. The imprint self-described as ‘revolving around the grey area between house, techno and pop’, this fresh take on synth-driven vibes is a clean cut.

Denis Horvat – Axle

The latest from the man himself, Horvat dropped Axle early this year on Exit Strategy as part of a two-track EP. Cosmic leads pull this record into outer space with an entrancing industrial framework

Trulz & Robin – Tjelvar

The second release of Full Pupp Slipts ventures into the land of late 80 and 1990’s plenty. The appropriately titled Æsid EP channels a old sound kept fresh by refined dance floors from Brooklyn to Berlin.

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