On Repeat: Florian Kruse and Hendrik Burkhard Present ‘The Ground’

There are super groups┬áthat wear masks and there are those that make waves. The Ground is the latest German export that sets out to change the way we approach to dance music. If the debut tune ‘Homeless Hearts’ is any indication of the project’s intricately analog take on vocal dance; these guys are heading to the top. Taking after a short list of live dance acts such as Howling and Bob Moses, this reinvention of the band ushers in a new age of live recording.

Hidden as a cut and dry dance track, the introduction is a rewarding entrance to this pop-esque underground single. Before introducing┬áHendrik Burkhard’s powerful presence in the group, the duo Florian Kruse showcase tech experience and seamlessly balanced production. Leading elegantly toward an energetic and funky chorus, this jive is sweat meets sing along.

As just the start of their story, this permanent fixture is coming in hot with plans for an album in action. As the EP teases a full feature story, The Ground defines their footing as an alternative approach to electronica. Somewhere between shuttering staging of live indie rock to after-hours DJ sets, this act is for the modern musician. Keep your ear to The Ground.