Kölsch Solidifies a Legacy in Final Part of Kompakt Trilogy

In a dance music climate where overnight internet fame is tolerated, it’s refreshing to see quality still breaking through persistence. Danish producer Kölsch has steadily worked his way into the upper echelon of underground sounds with attention to detail in both sound and image. Finding a home with the German tastemakers Kompakt Recs, both artist and label have grown in their own way. Always hitting the mark in today’s ever-changing house and techno landscape, this artist along with the help of the label have carved out the face of tomorrow’s dance music headliner. Today Kölsch finds himself headline the main stage, landing magazine covers, and building a legacy in electronic music.

This project, at least ten years in the making, channel a life of a musician, human, and digital native. Started by revisiting early childhood memories in the 2013 release ‘1977’ (the year of his birth), Kölsch and Kompakt started on a trilogy that is as impactful as it is innovative. He then looked back at his travels around Europe and introduction to underground culture in 2015 album ‘1983’. Now, Rune Reilly Kölsch’s latest full-length ‘1989’ focuses on his turbulent early-teenage years. An autobiography in its entirety, this act is still an unfinished story.

Spinning through the thirteen emotic tracks, the album presents a cinematic journey through electronic production and human struggle. Energetic dance floor records like ‘In Bottles’ pair a vocal (by Aurora) with entrancing leads for a Balearic vibe fit for open air. On the other end of the board, synth-wielding ‘PUSH’, delivers a cosmic blast of acid techno. The bakers dozen uncovers corners of underground techno hidden in an uplifting vivd composition.

From Gus Gus to Flume, Kölsch has proven his prowess on the remix side. This adds to a deep crate of originals on Kompakt over the years. It’s not often you seen and artist/label relationship like this. As the sound of Kölsch matured, as did the Cologne-based label. Moving from an underground trendsetter to respect techno innovators influencing the entire dance industry. This loyalty on both sides is what all should strive for in a healthy and growing distribution partnership. The results are easy to see as Kölsch stands at the top of European club music.

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