Impact: Labels that Led 2016

For decades the label has been the center of the music distribution ecosystem. Armed with media connects, sales networks, and marketing prowess the label entity became an essential driver for a hit release. The digital revolution has changed that in some ways, but shipping records is still no easy feat.

The modern day dance label has become the reliable symbol of taste in an oversaturated market. Offer a branded seal of approval on choice selekts, techno and house imprints in the analog space are fueled by Pitchfork reviews and list spots.

Progressive consistency from Jersey

2MR Records

The duo behind 2MR have decades of dance and a strong resume of label leadership under their belt yet continue keep in fresh with their latest project. Italian’s Do It Better’s Mike Simonetti moves to green pastures teaming up with Captured Tracks’ Mike Sniper and the result is better than you’d expect. As they hit the label’s two year mark, 2MR is just shy of twenty releases. Consistently supported across the blog elite. After spreading the word about Kedr Livanskiy last year, the label hit 2016 hard with a healthy dose of electronic of all forms..

Nina’s journey continues

трип Records

Just hitting the two year mark on her label project, Nina Kraviz’s Trip Recording continues to deliver an eclectic mix of forward-thinking acid and alternative techno. Iceland’s Bjarki was a main attractions with a variety of melodic releases throughout the year. Trip complimented his tunes with a few triple 12″ releases for a solid crate in 16′.

Hunter/Game’s growing outlet delivers big.

Just This

Welcome release from fresh artists as well as old friends, the Milan-based tastemakers offered a dark look at techno. Crossing bold vocals with warm synths, the sound of Just This is an entrancing and methodical take on attractive dance floor sounds. Hear from the blog pages to the Boiler Room this label made waves of classy techno through Europe and beyond.