Transcend Space in Max Cooper’s ‘Veil of Time’ Film

Max Cooper rounded off the year with one last innovative release in the form of 4-track ‘World Passing By’ EP. As usual, the British producer breaks beyond the boundaries of traditional techno. Intricate layers of gritty percussion line the walls of this well-rounded work of art. As the year comes to a close, Cooper fills out his release assets with a unique visual collaboration with Irish-based Kevin McGloughlin.

 I wanted to try and convey this inescapable and consuming nature of time, as well as its role in facilitating beauty through a simple process of change.

A familiar pairing, the works of these two are no stranger. In 2016, they made ‘Waves’ with a minimalist visual for Cooper’s techy original. Known as a multimedia artist, rather than a singular music producer, the Max Cooper project is a journey through sights, sounds, and space.

As 2017 completes another groundbreaking year for the artist of many forms, we can only imagine the future will bring innovation beyond our wildest dreams. Stretching the boundaries of underground sounds and commercial appeal, Cooper’s rare approach to live-esque electronica is a beacon of hope in a dreary industry of copycats.

Max Cooper – Veil of Time – Official Video by Kevin McGloughlin from Max Cooper on Vimeo.