трип Breakout PTU Share 5 Records from their Trippy Crate

PTU is the latest release on Nina Kravitz’s dream team. The duo are fellow Russian’s who’ve been there since the beginning on Nina’s wax-heavy label трип (Trip). From Siberia to the world, this small crew of acid-heavy alternative techno producers are dishing wax that will make your head spin in the best way.

The duo’s new release ‘Yes‘ lands from the past. Channeling rave tempo, USSR-born Alina Izolenta and Kamil Ea are dropping a 7-track EP ‘A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day’. As a contributing member of the Trip familiar since day one, this acid producer have more than a few records in the global DJ circuit.

Second Woman – S/W  Spectrum Spools (SP043)

Launched in Clevland, you know what Spectrum Spools is. Futuristic techno shit from the internets and it’s fire. Second Woman is a freeky production act with a robotic DJ set. Definitely expected from PTU’s crate, we dig.

Midori Takada – Through The Looking Glass

Flip it to the other end of the spectrum here with an ambient composition imported from Japan. This minimal four-part channels nature, through every form possible. While listening, the organic harmony of the source is most definitely carved out of local flora. This record is an experience like no other that I’d love to see worked into mix.

Oneohtrix Point Never – Replica  Software Recs (SFT010)

Warp’s own IDM star Oneohtrix Point Never released this thing you’ve probably heard back in 2011. In a journey of ups and downs, the LP is a wild ride of depth and tempo. Futuristic then, futuristic now and likely in the future this one is a good one to keep close.

Suzanne Kraft – Missum Running Back

More ambience, this time in form of a press by German imprint Running Back. This was Suzanne Kraft aka Diego Herrera’s debut in 2010. This record may even be the lightest of the crate but still has a couple of paced tracks etched into the 6 tune mini-album. This one’s great from start to finish, and I’m sure PTU has a list of the hot spots.

Pekka Airaksinen – Buddhas of Golden Light

Crazy shit from polar Finland released in the 80s, this is why we love PTU. Who know what type of acid Pekka was on while composing this journey through string and woodwind but it’s heavy. Correctly dubbed ‘experimental jazz’, these are the crate digs that you’re looking for. Find this one.

PTU’s brief crate reveal is what this series is all about. Get out of your comfort zone and find tunes that make the search worth it. In addition to pickin’ records, these two do a massive live show in true Trip style. Ready to truly escape, head to the nearest PTU show.

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