Take a Wax Adventure on Record Store Day

It’s that time of the year wax fiends, Record Store Day is upon us. The weather is heating up as Spring hints Summer and it’s prime time to hit the streets on the hunt for crate finds. Record stores are an essential part of the journey that is a release. Naturally, local influencers, core shops grab exclusive access to wax-only records that no one wants to miss. Whether you’re stocking up on rare disco cuts or snagging the newest Berlin import, April 22 is the day to dig. If you haven’t walked away from this weekend with some movement in your crate you’re probably not doing it right. Get out there are support those who deliver (literally), here are some ideas of what to hit on Saturday.

Start At Your Regular Spots

Everyone has something going down for RSD so the chances are your local shops has some fresh finds. Whether it’s deals on existing inventory, live DJs sets, or exclusive releases; we bet you will find something new at your neighborhood record shop. Tell your friends to drop by and help those guys grow and flourish. Supporting and sharing your favorite shop is a great way to build a vinyl community. Share the wax.

Head Somewhere New

Any major city has more than a handful of wax store and unless you’re a daily digger, chances are you haven’t been to all of them. Today’s the day to head to a different hood and link up with fellow vinyl. Bring a crate to go in case of any swaps going on, you’re sure to find someone up for the trade. With the recent resurgence of wax consumer, record store ownership is actually a viable small business choice. Help those adding to the culture and build your collection somewhere else for a change.

Hit Up the Second Hand Stand

Veteran record collectors all attest to the wax gold found in the haystack of a second-hand stand. Saturdays are prime time for flea markets, search for your nearby organic yuppie spot and record stand is probably nearby. We’ve all heard stories of the white whales swimming among the dusty crates beneath a tent. Lather on the sunscreen, locate the food truck that sells booze and flip through those bruised covers to find groove gold in this record store alternative.

Swap a Record with A Friend or…. Anyone

Sharing is caring and nothing’s better that a good old fashioned record swap. The life of a record is all about the journey. Through flight cases and shop shelves, any given wax can make the rounds across cities, countries, and continents. Help share the wealth of a good find and pass it on. These days you don’t even have to leave your couch as Facebook boast heaps of groups made for the swap.

If you dig the hunt and support underground vinyl DJ artists, connect and collaborate near and far. Record Store day isn’t about genres or black jeans, make sure to keep your ears open. Happy diggin’

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