Frankey & Sandrino Newest Record is Subtle Techno with an Industrial Spine

Frankey & Sandrino are a duo so embedded in the Berlin scene that a single spin of their sound is a brief look at the past, present, and future of techno as a whole. Swinging with the biggest names in techno, these two producers have found themselves on more than one of today’s most influential labels. Known for a down-tempo style of restrained techno, their intricacy through analog goes much deeper than most.

Landing as the third installment on their Sum Over Histories label, this German act is setting the stage for yet another local label to make a massive impact on the future of techno. The uniquely-percussive title track ‘Virgo’ sets an intricate pace and warm drumline before introducing cosmic leads. Solid cadence and a subtle sub-tracks tie the record into a neat club-ready package. B-side ‘Solaris’ blends acid techno with production prowess in a live-ready tune that reflects Nina Kraviz’s rave warehouse vibe. Interwoven melodies and short builds make this backside journey a catchy set warmer.

Keep watch as SOH003 hits the racks on 12″ sometime this week. Make sure to hit follow as Sum Over Histories begins their journey as an influential imprint of forward-thinking underground sounds.

Buy the 12″ at Phonica